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Pressure Washing Services in Thornton, CO


Deck and Patio Cleaning – We clean patios/decks of all materials; wood decks, concrete patio/decks, trex patios, paver patios, and landscapes. Pressure washing will reduce stains in appearance if not remove them completely. Extends life of patios with regular maintenance, pressure washing will remove all soil and dirt stuck on the surfaces. If the right pressure is not used, it can damage the patio/deck, leave undesirable streaks/marks or not clean deep enough. Letting us clean your residential property means there will be a uniform appearance with a noticeable difference.

Pool Deck Cleaning – Colorado’s semi-arid climate makes pool maintenance challenging to keep up and makes cleaning the pool deck a must. A clean pool deck helps keep the pool cleaner longer as swimmers get in and out of the water. Surface build up will be brought into the pool when a deck is left unclean. For multifamily properties, a clean pool deck gives a more inviting appeal to residents.

Driveway Cleaning – Remove tire marks, oil, gas, and other petroleum stains. Increase curb appeal to the home by cleaning off years of build up on the concrete surface. The washed surface removes all organic build up to stop plants from growing roots deeper and causing damage to the concrete. An annual spring-cleaning helps extend the life of the driveway and removes all of winter’s buildup that can lead to issues when left untreated.

Before After Pod - BeforePod - After

House Washing/Soft Washing – House washing is one of the most overlooked choirs for home maintenance, due to the fact, it’s much more than spraying a home with pressurized water. One thing that needs to be constantly looked at while washing a home, is the material being cleaned off. Stucco has a dramatically different pressure tolerance than brick; trying to DIY a soft wash often comes with an unexpected repair if all the factors are not considered when washing a home’s exterior. Remove dust build up, bird nests, bird droppings, dirt build and other exterior blemishes with our degreaser’s and washing techniques, our washing leaves the house with an entirely new appearance. With Colorado’s extreme weather patterns, the exterior of a Colorado home is constantly under siege by the elements.
Gutter Cleaning – Gutter cleaning is another choir that we put off until it becomes noticeable with a clogged gutter or worse, water damage caused by a clogged gutter. Allowing a professional to wash the gutters means the job will be done right the first time and will leave the gutter system clear. Having a biannual gutter cleaning assures the gutters will hold up during Colorado’s storms.
Christmas Light Installation Christmas lights are a holiday tradition that is beloved by all but the task to install them is not for everyone. Letting us install your lights means skip the dangers found while installing the lights.


Graffiti Removal – Thornton and the surrounding areas have all had a dramatic increase in vandalism. Graffiti is one of the most common and costly. It makes any exterior an eyesore and can drive away potential clients.

Gum Removal – Gum thrown onto any surface, let alone a place of business is an unpleasant view. A business’s store front should give an inviting, sanitary and uniform appearance. Once gum sits for just a short period of time, it becomes increasingly difficult to remove. Having it removed professionally means the gum will be fully removed from the surface, while being mindful of the surface material the gum is removed from.

Awning Cleaning – The toughest places to clean are those that are out of reach. Even if there is a dedicated employee taking care of ground surface pressure washing. Once the cleaning is above our heads, special equipment is required for an effective cleaning. A clean that will remove the unsightly blemishes and dirt build up.

Building Cleaning – Colorado’s weather aggressively attacks all exterior surfaces, and every commercial building found in our state is no exception. An exterior cleaning can bring new life and a welcomed change in appearance by removing years of buildup along the corners and ledges of a building and expose the buildings natural surface underneath.

Parking Lot/Parking Garage Cleaning – Parking garages and parking lots take a lot of abuse, with daily foot and vehicle traffic going in and out in all weather conditions. Colorado’s parking garages take on a lot of wear and tear, not to mention the unsanitary conditions parking garages are found in, when areas have been used as a public restroom.

Dumpster Pad Cleaning – Every dumpster pad shares a few things in common: the sore sight, the signature smell, and the difficulty of cleaning them. Having a professional clean the dumpster pad means the organic build up that gives the dumpsters their unique aroma will be left to our memory. Our industrial chemicals remove all build up and leave a sanitary and clean dumpster. It seems counterproductive to clean the area where we store our waste, when in reality, with today’s demand for a more sanitary environment, cleaning the dumpster pad makes for a more sanitary workplace and helps prevent the spread of germs and illnesses.

Before After Dumpster Cleaning - BeforeDumpster Cleaning - after

Pre/Post Construction CleaningConstruction projects take a lot to get started, stay on track, and end on a timely schedule. We have worked alongside contractors of all sizes and jobs from small two-week projects to 3-year projects. One thing all jobsites share is the mess they leave behind can be a lot and require an effective line of reliable communication with the companies involved. Staying on schedule and doing it with minimal instruction makes it easy for any contractor after working on the project and getting through the obstacles. The last thing needed is a messy post-project scene or complications because of ineffective communication.

Gas Station Cleaning – A fuel station cleaning requires a unique set of cleaning equipment and knowledge of how to remove petroleum stains the best. Leaking fuel, oil, or any other automotive liquids are a daily battle for the gas station’s surfaces. Gas station cleanings are a top to bottom service. The canopy, fuel pumps, fuel islands, canopy posts and store front signage are left with a new and welcoming appearance that helps drive foot traffic.

Apartment/Multifamily Cleaning – Multifamily cleaning comes with much more than a clean common area for residents. Flexibility is key to keeping our multifamily customers happy. Sometimes the cleaning needs to be done when foot traffic is at its lowest, a 24/7 schedule allows us to accommodate the clean at a time that works best. Often nights and weekends impact the complex the least, our equipment make short of all jobs big and small.

Storefront Cleaning – Getting constant foot traffic is a task on its own, and a dirty store front can be one of the factors considered when a customer is deciding to go to your place of business, or the competitor across the street. A clean store front shows your clients a professional neat place of business that welcomes foot traffic, versus an uncared-for store front that has a historic track record of detouring customers.
Restaurant/Drive Through

Cleaning – Restaurants have enough on their plate with maintaining the kitchen, foot traffic, employee attendance/performance and to top it off, building maintenance. The demand for a clean environment is very high at any restaurant. From the dumpster pads to the illuminated signs, and drive-throughs, there are a lot of angles a restaurant can be viewed from. And making sure every angle has an evident clean invite a foot traffic increase.

Drain Jetting – Drain jetting is required once the drains become clogged with dirt, mud, dust, etc. Often, a clogged drain is the cause of water pooling in places like parking garages. The equipment required is specific for cleaning drains. Sometimes the build up is so strong, it requires 3000psi at 140’ to break up the clog and clear the drain.

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